It is these founders of this new slow media “TD” who have been in touch with various designers while making their living by being involved in “peripheral domain” of car design and product design as well.
We used to be impressed and astounded listening to “talking about various topics” between designers.

“Why such interesting and exciting talks cannot be heard in any place other than behind the stage?”
“We want to listen to talks of this person who have provided unforgettable words of wisdom and goose-bump episodes.”
“We want to send all of you such images at the moment that a line, sketch and design is created with just a pen.”

With such a desire, a concept of this slow media started to be formed.
TD editorial desk really hopes to not only simply take up design itself and its side story but also scoop up and accumulate strong feelings of those who were involved in the design really genuinely and courteously precisely in consideration of such current trend that texts patched with various information are going to be dominant.
We do believe non-fiction stories have potential power enough to impress people’s mind precisely because we know it may not easy at all to write and shoot them.
We hope to set it as our goal to “gaze”, “think” and “feel” continuously with you through media “what does not change” in designs which are supposed to change along with the day and age.

In autumn 2016, we have reached a point of creation of a container at first.
Since ancient times, container has fulfilled not just a role of “container” but also a function as a medium to express various cultures including human relations, honor and formalities.
By the spring in 2017, we have determined to pour various stories and opinions into the container. With a hope to get expectation from many people, we wish those mentioned above to be the “concept” of this site.

Kentaro Shimokura